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in the united states. >> we would never get a pass, not in today's politics. >> then we will have to come face-to-face with u.s. and american limitation, something that is not part of the whole psyche of the united states. >> of mcmansions and mcdonald's. >> i have heard some criticism of china not giving very much money for haitian relief, and i wonder what would happen if china actually decided to give a lot more in terms of manpower and money. would we then say we have got the chinese at our doorstep? >> very, very good point. the way that the chinese have -- many countries have been pretty well handled in africa by china. >> do we want the chinese so close to cuba, cso close to venezuela, that so many americans would think that china is too close to us? >> americans do not like to be number two or number 3 when it comes to anything -- a, proximity to power in the oilfields. i think that you are right that you would find there would be more of a rallying cry to come and make sure haiti is taking care of. >> lauren, isn't it the case that we do not like to be number two, but in many ways we
to them to go so that they can keep them on doing the paper work in the united states. >> they had emergency visas issued to 80 of the children including one of the harris children. >> yes, one of the harris children went today. >> she is still here with us and hopefully on monday she will fly home. >> why is it that just one of the harris children were able to make it on the flight? >> i think that happened like that. it is not because she doesn't have the paperwork like the birth certificate, she does, the truth is with the list, she was not on it but we are working hard to put her on the list on monday. >> what has the situation been here with the food and water and security? i know they were concerns when we were here. >> for food the situation is better. and the situation is one of concerns but we are trying to have some guards to make sure that we are safe and today we are low on water. we are going to see how we can get water for the children that are here. >> and there are still over 40 children here as you can look around and you see children still living outside of house.
to repeal don't ask/don't tell that allows -- that prevents gays from serving openly in the united states military. >> he will do that straight out, and has been under more pressure from gay and lesbian americans and others who support that policy to be more aggressive. he will ask the congress to repeal don't ask/don't tell, and will tell the congress that comprehensive immigration reform is a top priority. the interesting question and expectation is will he put in the pressure on the congress? last year it was pass health care and pass it this year. the president did not get that goal, did not get that critical wish, and they are much more reluctant at the white house this time, understanding the new political math and b, we are closer with each passing minute to the midterm elections. it makes democrats reluctant to touch sensitive issues. >> stand by, because we're going to continue this conversation. i want to about bring in some members of the best political team in television. if you listen to what the president says and thinks, it's clear he feels totally frustrated by the balloon
. >>> the president of lynn university is demanding the united states do more to find the university's missing students and faculty. courtney hayes, britney, and they are sending a letter urging the government to find each american. the president of the university spoke about this yesterday. >> i join the families of the missing six contain a call of the whereabouts of the missing, the missing family member whether alive or dead must be returned to their loved ones. >> we spoke to the parents of the missing students early this week. they are also begging the government to step up the effort. president obama father to father, please send troops to the hotel montana. >> that man is len gengel, father of brittany and joins us by phone. len, your daughter's 20th birthday yesterday. i can't even imagine how difficult that was but how are you holding up? >> we're holding up, david. i want to thank you personally for getting that story out there. you folks have been wonderful. the american people need to understand this isn't just about the six missing lynn university people. this is -- there's 100 a
in the united states right now. >> and republicans were quick to criticize. virginia congressman eric cantor saying, quote. the president's proposal will do nothing to help put measures back to work or help small businesses hire more workers." some of the big banks that weathered the crisis nichols said absorbed failing banks and kept it from being worse. >> they were instruments of stability in the midst of the storm. >> but some of those banks, too, got billions in bailouts. and officials say that can't be repeated. >> so there is no too big to fail. there is resolution authority. when they mess up, they die. >> some of the president's most senior economic advisors aren't as convinced that he is that wall street caused the current recession but they are convinced it could cause the next one. the president says if banks want to fight his reforms, that's a fight he is ready to have. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler reporting from the white house. wendell, thank you. bottom line here, lots of politics. it does effect you, the consumer. president obama's plan would separate commercial banks
while we understand politically why the vice president is saying it, i am certain that the united states court of appeals for the district of columbia will affirm the dismissal of those case against the blackwater employees. >> really? i think richard is now with us. richard, weigh in on this. do you agree with that? >> i agree it's politically motivated, fred. put it in perspective, here's united states government decided to appeal the united states' government decision against the misconduct, a penalty imposed by the trial judge to dismiss the case. look, the government is appealing the government's prosecutorial misconduct. just great. >> talk about john edwards. interesting legal woes for him. it really gets complicated. doesn't it? you know already there's a grand jury case or investigation, but might this now be broadened out now that he's admitting to this affair, admitting that he's the father of a child. he has not admitted to the allegations of misuse of campaign funds, which is really at the core of all of this, but i wonder, avery, does the plot thicken because there are his
's to the united states. look at the babies taking care of babies. that bus had to turn around. the state department is allowing children with adoptions in process, already, to get temporary visas. officials will not accept kids if they cannot verify their paperwork is in order. such desperation. >>> california is getting another beating from the weather today. there's a state of emergency in parts of the state. hundreds are wait iing for evacuations to be lifted after the mud slides. in san diego, the longer the rain came down, the worse things got. >> this was a river. it was a river. it literally was a river. >> it was draining very well, even in the heavy rain. the pumps -- something must have stopped or part of them. the rain stopped and the water started backing up. >> conditions are bad now, but you may get a break from the rain soon. bob van dillen is keeping an eye on things. good morning. >> good morning. i want to start with the big picture. a couple storms are out there. the one from yesterday is back inland around idaho and nevada. you can see the frontal boundary as it exten
"patriot's history of the united states." "new deal or raw deal." you want to see the future, look at the past. woodrow wilson, "the roots >> i'm kimberly guilfoyle. he going took the night off and this is a fox news alert. tonight, a powerful winter storm is barreling through the southeast. right now, portions of virginia, the carolinas and georgia are getting hammered with up to a foot of snow while tonight an iced over oklahoma, 13,000 homes are in the dark. marianne silbur joins us from the heart of the storm in chattanooga, tennessee. >> reporter: this storm moved across tennessee yesterday and into chattanooga where we were on our way up north, trying to get further north where the storm was going to hit today. it did quite a bit of damage, dropped a lot of snow, ice. ice packed and snow packed all over every roadway. before the storm got out here, it hit arkansas and oklahoma. also here in tennessee, the governor declared a state of emergency on friday when the storm was moving through in preparation, letting some state workers and also other workers go home early. they wer
united states." "new deal or raw deal." you want to see the future, look at the past. look at the past. woodrow wilson, "the roots of ( inspiring music playing ) someday, cars will be engineered using nanotechnology to convert plants into components. the first-ever hs hybrid. only from lexus. >> it was the most votes ever against a president's pick for federal reserve chairman, but ben bernanke was confirmed on thursday for a second term at the central bank amid a political revolt some republicans and some democrats. the vote was in question. when harry reid finally declared support not before extracting what he said were concessions about future fed policy. reid said in a statement last friday, quote, i made it clear to merit confirmation chairman bernanke must redouble his efforts to make sure that families can access the credit they need to buy or keep their homes. he assured me he will outline plans for making that happen and i eagerly await them. now, i called the fed, mary, and asked what's the quid pro quo, is there one? they said no, no plan forth coming, not going
the united states should be there but the chinese or what ever could come in there. but fake with the closures and layoffs, more money should be thrown into our governments and our country first. that sounds selfish, i am sorry. i think there are many people, detroit, michigan, they have been really hit hard. in my city, there is a lot of foreclosures going on. i think that's terrible. that's all i have to say. host: we will go to the democrats learned from jacksonville, florida, good morning. will there be a long-term u.s. commitment to haiti? caller: yes, i think it will bid. these people are really suffering. that is all of the other caller to say that. we need to commit money to all these other terrorists in other countries, one of commitment to haiti? host: york city, on the independent life. caller: good morning, you have a great show. i would like to make an observation -about the condition of haiti. i am a professor and i was assigned to nasa for disaster in the united states. were a small atomic weapon to use. one thing we learn from katrina and learn from 9/11 and n
bilateral ties with the united states, adding the rift with google over online center should and security should not be, in his words, over and interpreted. you can hear her speak later today on c-span radio. john edwards of north carolina, former u.s. senator and democratic presidential candidate, is admitting in a written statement to "the today show" that he is the father of his former mistress is baby, francis quinn hunter. he said he will do everything to provide for her, adding it was wrong for him to the night she was a daughter. a former aide to john edwards, andrew young, initially claimed paternity shortly before the 2008 presidential primary contest began. his book on the experience is due to be released next month. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> wednesday, president obama delivers his first state of the union address to congress, laying out his vision for the future of the country and plans to deal with issues such as unemployment, health care, and the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the state of the union address, wednesday night. our coverage starts
facilities all over the city. some places have been reinforced by doctors from the united states an overseas who have come here to help, that existed before. others are completely contained field hospitals that have been flown in and are up and running now. there is a big problem with coordination. units that have specialized care for things like orthopedic surgery which is desperately needed, or people who get bruises get sent to these specialized facilities and there's nobody coordinating it. there's just a complete lack of coordination. even the doctors on the ground don't know what other beds and facilities are available and because of the short animal of fuel, because of all sorts of other logistic problems it is very difficult to get all these patients moved around. as that happens people die because we're really getting to be a long way off from the earthquake now so increasingly, people who would have been just fine if they had gone to the equivalent of an american emergency room are now in a situation where they they're dying of infections because they're just not getting treatment.
and they lost. now obama is the most likely next president of the united states and democratic nominee and they go crazy. bill clinton is accusing obama of busing in supporters. he's saying he stole the caucus. hillary is so depressed. she turns to her husband and says, maybe the problem is not my campaign, maybe they just don't like me. chris: let's go to new hampshire. kelly. new hampshe was the second big round. hillary clinton upset barack obama at that point. a lot of people thought she won, because people liked her. there was empathy and she showed weakness in terms of her emotions. the clintons apparently read that differently. they said we beat this guy because we went for the jugular and we're going to do it again. >> the mind-set was a reluctance to allow her sensitive side to be seen, in part because remember she had been first lady and although not the softness of first ladies, that east wing influence when y're talking about the first woman president was uncomfortable if them when they wanted to portray her as tough enough for the job. to allow her to be seen as a softer f
's take a look at something that happened last night, a bit of highjinks on the floor of the united states house of representatives. here's what president obama said about the recent supreme court decision in last night's state of the union. let's listen, and watch as we do justice samuel alito's reaction. >> last week, the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our elections.ç i don't think american elections should be bank rolled by america's most powerful interests or worse, by foreign entities. >> what do you make of that? i couldn't quite see it. everybody's talking about him saying, you you know, let's -- we're going to show it again. people say he said something like "not true" under his breath. >> i've seen it. the close-up. it seems -- >> there he is. he's shaking his head. >> no one's accusing him of a jerry springer moment. this shouldn't be belittled either. what happened there, to use a word, would be exceptionally injudicious. >> is he supposed to be like
are you going to -- how are you going to be holding the office of president of the united states? >> caller: i can't see how eye can't see how that could be. >> yeah. >> caller: i could never vote for the man just because of it. >> yeah, exactly. okay,shawn thanks for the call. get one more in. grace is with us from virginia. grace, what are your thoughts here. >> caller: hello? >> grace, go ahead. >> caller: the person in this whole situation that's a winner is john edwards' wife. she is just a real lady and then that other woman, if you want to call her -- and that's not what i call her a lady. she should have known that mr. edwards was a married man and kept her distance. no excuse for him but absolutely none for her. >> yeah and in another detail coming from this book and again, andrew young, obviously you figure there's an ax to grind here against john edwards but the allegation is this is that john edwards kicks off campaign in new orleans and then rielle hunter is in bed with him that next morning and quote/unquote she feels like the first lady, while elizabeth edwards is
. >> if the president of the united states is going to describe the state of the union he has to describe to us why that decision was made. it seems like a totally irresponsible decision. a terrorist who wanted to kill hundreds of people is captured. he's talking and we cut it off. why and who made the decision? some person made that decision. was it at the local level? the national level? was it the president? did they interrupt him on vacation to get him to make the decision? if they didn't interrupt him on vacation, why didn't they interrupt him on vacation? >> sean: as i was watching he seemed angry. it seemed like at one point he almost wanted to recapture that mood of the campaign and expect the chamber to stan and say yes we can, yes we can! did you get that? >> i did. he was flailing about. his attack on the supreme court was unprecedented. i've never soon a president do that try to embarrass the supreme court. try tomorrow brass the membership. trying to get his partisans who all up, several leaning over the justices clapping. i happened to have justice's decision here he misstated the dec
information we'll bring it to you. >>> flights transporting haitians into the united states have been stalled because of logistical issues. there's been no policy to suspend the flights but the situation arose because they were running out of room. charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida pay the costs of treating those patients. >> they're not stopping coming into florida. i wrote a letter to secretary sibelius explaining assistance would be helpful to us. it will make a difference, because of florida's proximity we bore the brunt of it. we are happenty to continue. >> there have been 435 medivac flights from haiti to florida so far. >>> millions of dollars have poured into haiti, but the situation there is still desperate. barbara star reports. >> reporter: desperate haitians still struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earth wake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief organizations and 20,000 american troops are here. it's still not enough for the more than 1 million displaced. listen to the top u.s. commander. >> we're still not up to me
, we had the president of the united states, who is also the leader of the democratic party in america today, acknowledge that republicans have substantive, positive alternatives on all the major issues of the day. and this was the beginning of the first real exchange of ideas. because you know the pelosi democrats in congress have totally shut us out of the process for the last 12 months. >> here's more from the president here today. thank you, congressman pence. here's the president. >> i am absolutely committed to working with you op these issues. but it can't just be political assertions that aren't substantiated when it comes to the actual details of policy. because otherwise, we're going to be selling the american people a bill of goods. i mean, easiest thing for me to do on the health care debate would have been to tell people that what you're going to get is guaranteed health insurance, lower your costs, all the insurance reforms. we're going to lower the cost of medicare and medicaid, and it won't cost anybody anything. that is great politics. it's just not true. >> was the pr
in new york. 9/11 affected everyone in the united states. so, i don't buy the argument that you can't have new yorkers as jurors in this trial. >> the trouble with some of these -- first, mrs. serrat was tried at ft. mcnair and hanged at -- >> who is that? >> she was in on the lincoln assassination, or said to be. they had a military tribunal down there. tried and hung them at the fort. they don't realize, american trials, civil trials, are part game. you get the dream team attorneys on one side. reporters go in. prosecution had some good points today. they'll be out after it's over, standing there, the attorneys will, in front of those cameras. if khalid shaikh mohammed is smart, he will get someone to argue the case of the islamic ç terrorist protest, what's been done to the palestinians, what's been done to the iraqis, what the americans have done. put the united states on trial and get a lawyer in there to do it. and that will be a disaster for barack obama. >> pat, you already had that. but, pat, you already had that with ksm and the military tribunal. you have got to remembe
transporting critically injured haitians into the united states have been temporarily suspended because of logistical issues. the white house says there is no official policy to suspend the flights, but the situation arose because they were running out of room. florida governor charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida and other states to help pay the cost of treating those patients. >> they're not stopping coming into florida. i wrote a letter to secretary sebelius that federal assistance would be helpful to us and if we could share that with some of our sister states, it would make a big difference. because of florida's proximity to haiti, we've born the brunt of it. we're happy to continue. >> according to the white house, there have been 435 medevac flights from haty to the united states so far. >>> millions of dollars have poured into haiti, but the situation there is still desperate. barbara starr reports. >> reporter: desperate haitians still struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earthquake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief
, and his age, sarah palin could have been the president of the united states. does he not care enough about us seriously and his staff to pick somebody who has american, rudimentary base core knowledge. ed, if you can wrap this up. i'm in a hurry. >> he says he was really involved in the vetting process. sfle was busy. he was really busy. this is a travesty. >>> tonight in our phone survey i asked you should mark mcgwire be stripped of his major league baseball records. 84% of you said yes. 16% of you said no. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. chris matthews and hau"hardballn the place for politics, msnbc. see you right here tomorrow night. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, "game change." the hottest political book in memory. tonight we've got the authors. for the first half hour, of "hardball" tonight, we start with the unflattering report of hillary clinton as an unfocused candidate who eagerly sought to slime barack obama. why aren't her supporters fighting back now? could be because they're the source of all the negative
have done. put the united states on trial. and get a lawyer in there to do it. and that will be a disaster for barack obama. >> you already have that. but pat, you already have that with ksm and the military tribunal. the end of the bush administration they put him in a military tribunal and he spewed all of his ret a rick. media was there and reported on it. you still have the circus-like atmosphere whether it's in a military tribunal or federal court of law. where were they in terms of the hundreds of terrorists who were prosecuted in the federal court system, like richard reid? >> let's hear what senator-elect scott brown had to say. >> i believe, and i know all of you believe, that our constitution and laws exist to protect this nation. they do not grant rights and privileges to enemies in wartime. [ applause ] and dealing with terrorists? our tax dollars -- our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them and not lawyers to defend them. >> joy, your response to senator-elect scott brown? >> i want to see ksm brought to justice. if we follow the senator'
us coffee, getting us coffee. look, he was a united states senator, equal to that of kennedy. i'm glad kennedy was offended. of course the former governor of illinois, not only is he not blacker than president obama, he's a lot dumber than president obama. i mean, what we have here is what america suffers from. and that is cultural conditioning, which, in essence, manifests itself by undervaluing, underestimating and marginalizing people of color. it's a 20th century mentality that we can't afford to drag into the 21st century. >> what i don't get is here was harry reid supporting the president. he was talking about how barack obama would make a great choice as the next president of the united states of america. i just don't get, joe, that people even have these conversations in private, i can't imagine using those phrases, even in private conversation. it just seems dumb. >> that's because you're a decent person. that's because you have a certain socialization -- >> is it also because of my age? i'm younger. >> yes. yes. it is generational. you have grown up in a generation muc
against the united states. this is a vague warning from intelligence reports, nothing firm at all, alex. >> all right, tom aspell in london. tom, thanks. >>> we are following some new and incredible developments in haiti. more survivors pulled from the rubble ten days after that devastating earthquake, but after those amazing rescues, the haitian government and the united nations say the search-and-rescue phase for survivors is now over. nbc's michelle kosinski is live for us in port-au-prince with more. so, michelle, with another good morning to you, it's a tough pill to swallow for many, because even just yesterday you had these two pulled alive from the debris, and now today a different focus. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i mean, every day we're just in disbelief, almost, to hear about these rescues. they have happened every single day since the quake. we're waiting to see if somebody might be found alive today, maybe by a group of local people digging by hand. it just continues to defy the imagination. and when you hear a 21-year-old man yesterday, an 84-year-old woman pulled out
yesterday said every state is in play. and going back to what the president of the united states said just a minute ago, do you think he really believes that? do you think that the people up in massachusetts when they -- ok, there's the lever right there. i'm mad at george bush. come on! >> i think he does believe it or he wouldn't say it. you think he'd come up with a better spin than that. he's been criticized in the past for blaming bush. now it's been a year. in fact, it was a year anniversary of his inauguration yesterday. >> i just thought this was amazing in that he says you know i'm doing so much work and i'm so busy, i haven't talked enough about it. i regret this year. here's where we're wrong. i was so busy getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crisis in front of us, i think we lost some of the sense of speaking directly to the american people. only problem with that is he spoke a lot to the american people. 42 news conferences, 158 interviews, he almost spoke too much to the american people. >> speaking of numbers, listen to robert gibbs yesterday. the message loud
an unrelated recall involving 646,000 cars. 140,000 were sold in the united states as the honda fit. this recall covers 2007 and 2008 models, but not any later models. honda says extreme amounts of rain or melted snow can actually flood the master window power switch creating a fire hazard. it says the problem caused one death in south africa and there are no reports of any injuries, however, in the united states. >>> what's next for haiti? international efforts to rebuild the earthquake-ravaged country are in full force now, but it is nowhere near enough. to make matters worse, it's not even clear just how many are in dire need. barbara starr has that side of the story. >> reporter: desperate haitians struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earthquake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief organizations and 20,000 american troops are here. but it's still not enough for the more than 1 million displaced. listen to the top u.s. commander. >> we are still not up to meeting the needs of the haitian people as far as the amount of supplies that are there. we
theater. to see the president of the united states, democrats standing up in front of all of the republicans taking questions, and taking it and giving it back, but a lot of people say the gop messed up by allowing cameras in there, because he made them look bad. >> i was in the back of the room and i felt like i had been transported to the parliament, question time when you go in and take it from the opposition. i called the session, give and give. there was no take. here was the interesting part, there were a number of house republicans saying the invitation was fine to let the president up there, he is a figure against the house republicans, and so the optics were not that great. some of them were nervous about it, but they came away that the president did several times saying i know you have a lot of ideas, i don't like your ideas, and maybe i will take a little of that idea, and the white house are saying they were the party of no ideas. they got the president of the united states to concede, while they may not like them, he p put -- they put a number of ideas out the
plan for high-speed railways across the united states. as he put it, massive infrastructure problems are a number of ways to get americans back to work. >> has to be our number one priority in 2010. [ applause ] the true engines of job creation here in america are america's business. >> with one in ten americans out of a job and millions struggling to make end meet it's clear folks want results. wendell is traveling with the president in tampa. wendell, hello? >> administration officials call the $8 billion seed money for a nationwide investment in high-speed rails. it will eventually launch 13 project, including one that will link the bedroom communities in tampa with the theme parks in orlando, also link los angeles and anaheim, chicago and st. louis and improve amtrak's northeast corridor joining washington, new york and boston. it won't produce jobs fast enough for the president's critics or produce a lot of jobs this year. the president has picked up in tampa where he left off in his state of the union address last night promising to fight for working class americans an
in the united states we leave immediately. >> reporter: once the owner of a disaster recovery company, he has experienced clearing roadways and removing debris. now with his nonprofit first response team of america he spends his life going from one disaster to the next. he became a cnn hero in 2008. >> the most critical phase of disaster is the first few days when you have to find the people that are in desperate need of medical attention, food, water. but if you pull up and there is a building lying in the middle of the road or if 20 miles is under water, how do you get resources to those people? >> reporter: he uses cranes, earth-moving equipment and responds to disasters. what he once did for a living he now does for free. haiti is his first international disaster mission. he is working in stitcity soleie poorest neighborhood in port-au-prince. >> this is unlike anything i have seen. >> reporter: with the help of relief organizations, he loaded up this barge in florida with heavy equipment and supplies he will need to help clear streets and buildings in haiti. his first job is to clear thi
. whether it is julian bond, whether it's the attorney general of the united states, eric holder, in effect he said, i've known you for a long time, anything that i can do, anyone you want me to talk to, i will be happy to do that i appreciate people writing nice things about me. there's a wonderful editorial in the "l.a. times" today and a number of things on the huffington post. i got a call last night it was night. i was surprised he was up this late from secretary salazar. he said make sure you tell everybody that you have done more for diversity in the senate than all the rest of the people put together. >> sean: the book that started this "game change" they are going to be here you don't want to miss this interview. this isn't reid's first misstep when it comes to race. it seems many of those who preach to us about these issues are some of the worst offenders. prince harry's shocking comments are the lateness a series of intemperate remarks. this isn't the first time he has made racially insensitive comments. >> we've seen it again and again, we like to pretend america's health care c
to run an open letter in major newspapers tomorrow and monday in the top markets in the united states. the ad is the first time toyota is addressing the public on the safety concerns. kimberly? >> all right, laura ingle, thank you. craig rivera hit the test track with consumer reports to show first hand the design flaws causing these crashes. >> toyota's problems with sticking accelerator caused them to recall as many as 9 million vehicles worldwide. that is almost as many as all the cars sold in the united states in 2009. david champion is director of automotive testing for consumer reports. is this an unprecedented problem? >> this is a huge recall that toyota has put out, one of the biggest we have seen in the united states. the obvious danger is not being able to stop your car at it goes down the highway at a high rate of speed. that is what happened to an off duty california highway patrol officers and h his family in a runaway lexus last summer. >> we are going 120. we are in trouble. we have no brakes. we are approaching an intersection. oh oakland. >> hello? >> all four occupa
who made these statements be the leader of the united states senate. >> tara, trent lott's statements -- trent lott's -- tara, tara. >> in the same situation. if we have this wonderful moment talking about race -- >> trent lott's statements -- >> we are going to stop here because we're out of time. when we come back on this, tara, there's so many people that want to rebut your rebuttal, we're just go to hold on to the other side. we have opinions and analysis on both sides. we want to hear your opinions as well. go to cnn ahead, why did sarah palin call senator biden joe during their debate? it's not what you think. stay with us. that's ahead. okay, class, our special guest is here -- ellen page. hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! we're going on a field trip to china! wow. [ chuckles ] when i was a kid, we -- we would just go to the -- the farm. [ cow moos ] [ laughter ] no, seriously, where are you guys going? ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao!
. today the president of the united states made a major move to fix a broken system, looking to limit the amount of risk any one bank in america can take on in an effort to make their executives rich. under these rules, your bank could no longer gamble with your money. >> as economics professor william black who has joined us a number of times pointed out this morning, this is a great start. and i could not agree more, or applaud the president or his administration more for their efforts, finally, to take on directly our bankers who have sought to exploit their special privileges, not to help our democracy or our country, but to help themselves to enrich themselves. joining us now, we welcome back in fact senator maria cantwell, democrat from the great state of washington. and a member of the senate finance committee. she has been front and center pushing for stronger bank reform, including a proposed piece of legislation last fall in which you partnered with senator john mccain to propose the cantwell/mccain amendments to the senate legislation that would effectively try to reduce th
that are setting up in country, we are working with some hospitals back in the united states, having patients potentially flown back to the united states for more definitive care. we've got two victims now severely burned and we're trying to get them flown to burn centers in the united states. jane commander, we're looking at videotape while you're talking of how enormous this vessel is. can you describe for the viewers what it's like? the interior picture loose like it's almost like any hospital. what does it feel like in there, does it feel like you're in the hospital in the united states? >> indeed. we really are pretty much top of the line with the equipment we have. we have 12 operator rooms, as you said, we have 80 intensive care unit beds. jane: sounds like we may have lost our connection to commander mark marino, but you got the gist of it, they have so much capability to take vary of victims and they're taking them by boat and chover. they hope to get them by boat, nip. we'll bring you the latest figures as soon as we get them. jon: as jane was just speaking to the comer, this crosse
in the democratic nomination fight. she was so confident she would be president of the united states, that she started a detailed rigorous transition effort. >> mark, i want you to -- you're a clinton expert. you've been covering them since they first arrived on the national scene. everyone sees you as the real clinton experts. what did this tell you, that moment on television with tim russert there. asking that tough question. her not really able to decide on her answer. what did that tell you about her as a front-runner? >> you saw so much going on there. a rich video segment, a scene we tried to recreate in the book. chris dodd playing a role there. i would see the importance of that. is that dodd had not done very much to speak up against hillary clinton. a lot of his advisers we report in the book were very anti-clinton. urged him to go after hillary. he wouldn't. the one time he did in any significant way was in that debate. if he hadn't stepped up and spoken and called her on it and said wait a minute, hillary, you seem to be giving two different answers, this could have well turned out
week" debate. >> then, the president of the united states. >>> and the round table weighs in on the state of the union, with george will, cokie roberts, sam donaldson and former bush strategist, matthew dowd. and as always, "the sunday funnies." >> hello, i'm conan o'brien, and i need all of you to write me a letter of recommendation. >>> good morning. it's a brand new ball game here in washington as the president heads to capitol hill this wednesday to deliver the state of the union address, he's dealing now with the senate that's been dramatically altered by the stunning win in massachusetts of republican scott brown to fill the seat held for 46 years by ted kennedy. health care reform is this trouble. this morning, a reminder that this all takes place in a still dangerous world. a new audiotape that appears to be from osama bin laden in which he specifically talks about the failed bombing on christmas day. on american airlines flight 253. joining us, david axelrod. david, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> that was the week that was. the jub set in massachuse
, probably one of the worst conducted against the united states of america. one of the worst attacks in terms of domestic united states, so this should, if any case belongs in a military tribunal, i can't imagine any case that would be worthy of a military tribunal more than this one. >> the admitted 9/11 master mind, khalid shaikh mohammed is one of the men they try to try to civilian courts to move them out of gitmo and eventually close the facility. attorney general eric holder said that new york city is quote, the right place, but know that plan may be changing. one day senate democrat, vice-chairman of the intelligence committee diane feinstein sent a letter to president obama saying holding the trial in manhattan increases the risk of another terror' tack there. she wrote that new york city has been a high priority target since at least the first world trade center bombing in 1993. the trial of the most significant terrorist in custody would add it that threat. again, brian, no final decision has been made, but appears the administration may be looking for other locations to hold these
to the united states. they left on board a plane bound for florida. we do expect them to land shortly. we'll bring you pictures as soon as we get them. in the meantime, let's go to rick live in port-au-prince. what the latest where you are? >> gregg, we are hearing dramatic stories on a day when haitian and u.n. officials announced and end to search and rescue operations. we're hearing about two possible survivors found today. one reported by greek rescue team and the l.a. county search and rescue team reportedly at the site of a hotel where they are trying to reach a person buried underneath the rubble where voices were heard. and you mentioned that 23-year-old man reportedly live still trapped, apparently alive after 11 days. doctors say he is in good health and trying to extricate him. >> gregg: what about the aid that is being flown in and distributed. give us an update on that? >> there are a lot of challenges. there are hundreds of object stashing kals blocking roads. by some reports, only 10% of people that need food and water. some camps have more food than they need and others do
the white house and the president of the united states. he has the ability to communicate very powerfully as we saw during the campaign. i think it has more to do certainly with just the general economic conditions that people are facing. the struggles that people are going through, if they've lost a job or worried about losing a job, or they've lost a home. and the question of what is being done for them, how soon is this going to turn around in a much more significant way? >> it sounds like the president has a plan to go after the big shots on wall street. we'll see if that turning of anger in wall street and away from washington will work for him. thank you very much. i've got heavyweights here. dan balz of the "washington post" and john harris, author of "survivor: the great book of bill clinton." i think he really likes it. >> i'm told he's come to terms to it. >>> john edwards admits he fathered a child out of wedlock with rielle hunter. and he's off in haiti doing good. we've got the author of "game change" coming up next to tell us about edwards' strange odyssey. [ male announcer
the united states can remain competitive. he went on after that section and listed some of the things that those governments are doing to help their industries and talked about the united states government having to take a more pro-active role in helping to create jobs here. i fundamentally disagree with the idea that the u.s. government should have this kind of job stimulation. trace: a fair criticism. a lot of economists agree. what is your take? and the government actually generate jobs in the private sector? >> you looked at this high-speed rail project in florida. 23,000 jobs. we have been behind japan and europe on high-speed rail. there is no reason for that. we need to be competitive. at the same time the president was very clear that he understands the real economic engine of the country. that is why he proposed moving 30 billion from wall street banks that have repay that money and putting it in community banks to help small businesses hire more people or increase wages. a small-business tax credit that will help a million small businesses, and also ending the capital gains
simply was not ready to be president of the united states. it was not his turn. watch. >> his view was that obama was not ready to be president, that he wasn't experienced enough, that he didn't understand policy well enough. he thought it wasn't his turn. when obama beat hillary in iowa and the democratic party started to coalesce around obama, he kon he couldn't believe it. he got on the phone with kennedy a few days after iowa and got into a heated argument. >> the whole town in the book about what happened in iowa when hillary clinton did lose in iowa, bill clinton was watching a bowl game and in comes terry mcauliff and says how are we doing? we're getting killed. we're coming in third, behind edwards and bill was stunned and essentially said now i'm in and he started asserting himself. >> hillary thought that the election, the caucuses were stolen by out of state voters and that's where it went. >> the interesting thing that a lot of people are wondering where the clinton machine is with all of this because usually they would be armed and ready to go the minute that there wo
is apparently the 45th president of these united states of america! whoo! yeah, baby! welcome! it has been a long, incredibly grueling couple of days since we first heard of this man. and now he's in charge of everything. >> somebody's got to be able to look past this one election and look to the future. >> i wish we were here with other and better news tonight. but we are not. i can tell you there are at least two dogs who are very happy about tonight's results, because we're going to be back with them. >> ah! ah! ah! ah! i'm sure the 30 million americans who now go without health insurance because of your loss will be comforted to know your dogs will no longer suffer separation anxiety. >> it's hard to believe that president obama has been office a year. it's incredible, he took something that was in terrible, terrible shape and he brought it back from the brink of disaster. the republican party. wow. >> it's as funny as it hurts. >>> next, the war at home, john and cindy mccain disagree on same-sex marriage. he opposes it, she supports it. this week, she went public by proposition 8 in
square. let's take a look at the morning papers. "usa today," the united states is stepping up relief effort in haiti. an additional 7,500 military personnel expected to arrive today for a situation that's going from tragic to possibly chaotic. >>> "the new york times," more missed clues. there were far more warning signs than the administration has admitted. >> "the dallas morning news." tony romo walks off the field after being crushed by the vikings. tony doesn't have a pop singer to blame for his poor performance this year. can't blame jessica simpson, he sucks. i'm sorry. in the playoffs he does. no, he does in the playoffs. >> he fumbles. >> he sucks. >> yeah. >> "the washington post" obama stumps in massachusetts, his health care agenda at sick. democrats would lose the 60-seat majority if coakley falls. >> let's go to politico. >> no more commentary on tony romo. i would agree with you in the playoffs. >> the record proves. >> you remember the first playoff? he is supposed to hold the ball so they can kick it and win the game, and he fumbles it. they are paying him millions to
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